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Ginger helped me create a look on my blog that is quite simply, ME! I love how it turned out, and her input when I was waffling endlessly about colors and fonts and everything, was extremely helpful. I have recommended Ginger to every blogger I know who's thinking about 'remodeling'. Thanks again, Ginger!
Ginger is very talented and great to work with. She took my rambling ideas in words and brought them alive with graphics and colors. After two years of blogging, I finally feel like I have a "branded" identity. Thanks, Ginger!
Semi-Celibate Man

I heard about Ginger from a friend who said she was great to work with and very affordable - that she was. However, Ginger far exceeded my expectations and my new blog design looks awesome! She was exceptionally easy to work with and patient with my many questions and requests. I would highly recommend Ginger to anyone looking for a designer who clearly understands her client’s needs. Thanks Ginger!!
Susie at What Would Susie Do?
I contacted Ginger last week about a little facelift for my blog. I’d grown tired of the template I had and I loved the work she’d done for other people so I sent her an email. Just as I’d heard, she was friendly and very quick to begin work on my blog. She sent me an emailing asking what I had in mind for colors, themes, images, etc and I quickly replied with the ideas I’d come up with. In less than 24 hours, she sent me exactly what I’d asked for. I opened it up and decided that maybe we could change just a few small things. “A few small changes” later and I’d changed everything.

Bless her patient heart because she worked with me on every dumb thing I changed. Basically, it would be the equivalent of arranging furniture in a room and having someone not only say, “Um, maybe we should put the couch back over there…” but also saying, “Um, you know what? I know you’ve moved that couch sixteen times, but I think I want a different couch. And let’s put a hardwood floor in that room too! Oh, and if we could just repaint that one wall, well that would just be great!”

In the end, she somehow managed to keep her sanity and create a fabulous new look for Just Me. And I just love it.

So Ginger, thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job and for never making me feel like I was being the biggest pain in the ass...even though I probably was. :)

Kendra at Just Me, KC

There's no good way to describe how thrilled I am with the way my site looks now. With an obscure image and unclear idea, Ginger was somehow able to design exactly what I wanted. Which is impressive, since I don't think I knew what I wanted until I saw her design.

Ginger is someone I would highly recommend to anyone searching for a new look to their site. Not only are her designs wonderful, but working with her is so easy and pleasant. She truly is an artist in the blog world.

Thanks again Ginger! It looks wonderful!

Monalicious at The Seductively Diabolical Monalicious

Ginger is absolutely the best, she made the entire process fun and easy.
She has a gift for figuring out exactly what you are looking for and her designs are
incredible. She is the first person I'll go to for all of my Blog design needs!
Thanks again, Ginger... I absolutely love the new look for my blog!

Amy at Amy's Musings

Help! I need a new blog design, that's what my email to Ginger consisted of. After seeing Mrs. Mogul's new web design I knew I just had to have Baby Jane Blogs re-design mine! I love it! I love it! I love it! That's all I can say now! Ginger is a brilliant person to work with! She gives you exactly what you want (even when you don't know what you want) Ginger, you should win an award!!!!! Thanks again for all your hard work!!! I look forward to working with you again!!!!

Thanks for giving my blog some spice, Ginger!!!!

Andria at 5001 Miles

I couldn't be happier with the way my blog turned out. Ginger was such a peach to work with. She listened to all my input and created a FANTASTIC site. She responded to my emails as soon as I sent them and was always available to answer any question I had. Great person, great designer, great product!

Vera at I'm Not Obsessed! Celebrity Denial
La Divas highly recommend Ginger at BabyJaneBlogs! She took our image and abstract ideas and put it all together in a fabulous, classy skin that reflects our site perfectly! The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent. We love it! Thanks, Ginger!
Diva Leigh and Diva Anne at La Dolce Divas
Wow, Ginger is a dynamo. I came to her with an idea about how I wanted my blog to represent the total essence of who I am and what I envisioned it should look like and in a matter of days she helped me create a fantastic blog page. I can't thank Ginger enough for giving my page a personality and more. If you are considering making your blog more personal, Ginger is your girl.
Thanks so much Ginger!! You Rock!!

Tanisha at La Dolce Diva

I want to take this time to thank Ginger at BabyJaneBlogs for her fantastic redesign of Recreational Use. Not only is this lady extremely talented, but she also has the stones to take on a client like me. Without the aid of mood stabilizers. She's a real trooper.

I advise all of you out there in bloggerland to consult her for all of your blog design needs. You will not be disappointed. If Barbra Streisand ever wanted to blog, she'd go to Ginger.

Lisa at Recreational Use

I wanted a new design and approached three designers. Luckily for me, Ginger
responded. I gave her a graphic image to work with and told her what I
wanted. She did it precisely to the tee! The talented web designer that she is, I
would definitely work with her again!

Mrs. Mogul
Thank you Ginger at BabyJaneBlogs for designing this wonderful new look for me.
Seeing as how my life has seen some changes lately I felt it was time to change my look on my blog as well. Ginger is wonderful to work with, creative, and got my ideas on the first try. If your looking for something different and unique to fit your personality, you can't go wrong with Ginger.

Brighton at A Day in the Night of a Stripper

I am a web and graphic designer but I didn't have the time or the desire to figure out how to make my own graphics work as a template for blogger. Ginger had all the knowledge and experience and her price was fabulous! She worked with me every step of the way, had great ideas and infinite patience, even after I changed my mind entirely about the theme of the blog. She worked quickly to get the blog started and finished, and I couldn't be happier. She combined my color scheme ideas, my title, and added some of my own graphics to make everything exactly the way I wanted! Thank you so much Ginger, it was so much fun to work with you!

Meagan at Adventures in Everyday Life

Wow!!! Was I impressed with Ginger's redesign of my blog! Not only did she survive receiving massive and lengthy emails containing all my opinions AND my family history, but she whipped up the ideal blog look for me in very little time! I was amazed at how she took my likes and dislikes and came up with such a great design. She was readily available to answer my questions and worked very quicky, always receptive to any suggested changes I had...some being quite nit-picky!

There is no way I could have ever come up with something as creative and fun, yet professional looking, for my site. Thanks, Ginger!

Crazy MomCat

Thank you so much for all the work you did on my blog. I wanted
something special, and I definitely got it. And thank you SO very
much for your infinite patience through all this last minute changes
and suggestions. You're the best.

The Beauty and the Beltway

Ginger's creation, Miladysa caught my eye about three weeks ago and I was sold. When I contacted her to inquire about her schedule, she graciously answered my "newbie" questions about plugins etc. She even listened patiently to my many suggestions and acceded to my numerous requests for "a little something extra" with patience and good humor. I would go on and on about the results of her time and talent, but you may think I'm biased, so take a look for yourself and then tell me, isn't she--the 'BOMB"?

Dee at Dear Abbyliqua

I chose Ginger because each of her web site designs looked entirely unique and gave a great visual idea of the blogger's personality. She also had great prices. When I told her what I wanted out of my site design, she totally got it. She was easy to work with and very responsive to my suggestions and ideas. She was also fast- She had everything ready to go in less than a week. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks, Ginger!

Lucinda at Suburban Turmoil

Great design catches the eye and draws readers to a blog. I soon noticed that the blogs that caught my eye had one thing in common – BabyJaneBlogs had designed them. I visited the website and then contacted Ginger by email. Within hours the project was underway and within 5 days my ‘designer’ site was up and running. Easy, pain free and great results!

Miladysa at Miladysa

Ginger, how do I appreciate thee? Let me count the ways . . . I cannot endorse BabyJaneBlogs services enough. WIthin the span of just a few days, my site was completely transformed! Ginger embodies all of those characteristics one wants in a designer: creativity, an uncanny sense of the client's needs and interests, respect for client input, and prompt and clear communication. Ginger's desire for me to be not just satisfied with my site, but head over heels for it, was evident from the start. Should I be interested in sprucing up my site again, Baby Jane Blogs will be the first contact I make!

Kris at I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino

I found Baby Jane Blogs in the credits of a couple of sites I found visually appealing, and engaged Ginger's services for the design of my own site. The process was quick, easy, and painless, and left me with an end product that I am very proud of. She asked for some samples of sites that I liked and disliked, and presented me with a test page after a day or two. A few tweaks later, she installed the site on my Blogger account for me, and I was ready to go.

I would recommend this designer to anyone looking for a site design.

Al at Nothing Rocks Harder

I love, love, love the new site! Not only does Ginger's fab sense of color and imagery bring a normally boring blog template to life. By reading our entries and talking with us, she was really able to capture what we wanted the site to say visually. Now, not only do we have words to convey who we are, but a kickass design as well. I'm not even focusing on the fact that she was speedy and fun to work with, too. Ginger, you deserve major props for your work. Thanks!!

NotMiranda at No Sex & the City

What can I say? You are probably reading this because you are trying to find someone that you trust to put you online. You have come to the right place! Ginger at Baby Jane Blogs is much more than a designer. She has a sense of family that extends to every customer that she serves. Her design services are just a small part of her overall package. When I ordered my site from Ginger it came served up with a healthy order of focus, dedication and honest to goodness care. Service is not usually this good anymore!

Ginger, The Porras family thanks you from Texas, Mexico, California and everywhere else that we access the amazing blog that you designed for us!

Ruben Porras at Porras Online

I'm not a Web newbie. In fact, I've been building sites for years. But then this blogging thing happened, and I was so busy with other things that I never had time to learn to build my own spiffy template. And as much as I wanted to take advantage of this swell publishing technology, I didn't want to have the same template as everyone else. That's like showing up to the prom in the same dress as bunch of other girls. You can't do that!

So it really was Ginger to the rescue. She did all the hard work so that I could enjoy the fun of an easy-to-update, easy-on-the-eyes site. And straight away, I hired her for another project.

- Martha at Mommy Chronicles

Ginger's designs speak for themselves: they are gorgeous! AND they're affordable! Working with her to create a blog design that is right for you is quick
and easy. She makes the whole process painless, even for someone html-illiterate like myself! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new blog design. You won't be disappointed!

Heidi at Little Earthquakes
If you are thinking about starting a blog or have one that you're not really thrilled with, I highly recommend Ginger. She was definitely affordable and really took the time to get to know me and what was important to me so those things could be incorporated into my blog. I'm so pleased with my page now!

Thanks so much, Ginger!

Tricia at Tricia's Page

When I saw other people having their blogs designed by Ginger, it wasn't long until I knew I had to have her do mine as well. Working with her was amazing. She is professional, helpful, talented, and works so quickly! It wasn't long before I had a design I love.
From the bottom of my heart Ginger, I thank you for all of your patience and your fabulous design. I can't recommend you or your work highly enough.
Cheryl at Reality Check

Well, I don't know how to tell you this, but Ginger rocks. After seeing what she did with Marissa and Mindi blogs I had to get in on this action. I wanted something original and unique to me and that's exactly what she did. She answered all my questions quickly and let me know exactly what was happening before it happened. If you guys are looking to customize your blog, you should definatley go through her. She can do it all!

Thank you Ginger !

Kiki at Revolving Girl
When I asked Ginger to re-do my blog site, all I had was a main photo and a small idea about fonts. I told her, in very general terms, what I wanted. She weaved her magic and came up with what is for me a perfect design. She was extremely nice to work and didn't mind my questions. In fact, she wanted them to help get a better idea of what I wanted. I had made some small changes on the Blogspot template, but she added so much more depth to my feeble attempts. Look at her other designs and you'll see it's very obvious she definitely has a handle on what she does.

Thanks much Ginger.

Steve at sancript

Ginger recently redesigned my friend's blog, and after I saw it, I was in awe. Her blog looked incredible! It was at that moment I knew I wanted Ginger to create something for me that I could call my very own. Without a clear idea of what I wanted (Ginger, I like pink and purple and I'm uber-girly!), Ginger came up with a template that couldn't be more me! It was exactly what I was looking for!

Not only is Ginger extremely talented, but she's beyond professional and unbelievably efficient. She had my new site up and running within hours of when I first contacted her! She's super reliable and just overall brilliant!

Thank you so much, Ginger, for giving me a blog I'm proud of! I recommend you to EVERYONE!

Marissa at It's All About Me

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Ginger for her beautiful design work on my blog.


I am in awe. You were amazing throughout the entire process of redesigning my blog. I am so impressed and inspired by your ideas, your efficiency, your humor, and your quality of work. You have me clasping my hands together—jumping up and down in gratitude.

You completely saw my vision and took it to a whole new level of creativity and originality. Thank you.

I have and would recommend you to anyone, so for those of you who are looking for something fabulous to call your own go and visit Ginger!

With endless thanks,

Mindi at 5 apartments & 3 Jobs

I am new to this whole blogging thing; I first set my blog up from one of the plain ole templates. But then I came across Ginger's page, and WOW! I contacted her and discussed what I had envisioned for my blog, and off she went. With her creative mind and what I thought was going to be a challenging task, she made a total breeze! I will definitely recommend her to all my friends who are interested in a custom blog design. Ginger from Baby Jane Blog Designs is beyond wonderful, she’s AWESOME!!!


Dave at My Heart’s Whisper

Ginger from Baby Jane Blog Designs is wonderful. She created something better than what I had envisioned for my blog. I showed her examples of what I liked and disliked about other blogs and told her in general what I was wanting and she created something better than I expected. Ginger not only did a wonderful job but she did it in less than one day. I could not be happier with my blog. I will recommend Ginger and Baby Jane Blog Designs to everyone

Chris at With Blue Eyes

Ginger was recommended to me by a dear friend-- and I am so glad that the friend gave up her secret blog designer! Ginger took everything I said and successfully encapsulated my personality and writing style in the design and layout. My blog completely reflects who I am and embodies everything that I write about. I couldn't be any more pleased with her work!

Kassi at Kassi's Random Thoughts

When I decided to get rid of my boring blog template, I knew exactly who to contact: Ginger! The blogs she designs really represent the personality of the customer. I gave her an idea of what I wanted and within 24 hours, I had a header. She's professional, friendly, affordable and creative! I would recommend her without reservation. Look no further if you want a great custom design with fast and friendly service!


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ginger for making such a wonderful new blog design! I told her I liked hot pink, turquoise, black, polka dots and vintage Vogue covers...and look at what she did! Keep in mind I told her all this Wednesday and it's already done. And I am amazed she stayed so sweet since we went through four drafts in my search for the perfect header! Yes, even neurotic as I am, Ginger created a great blog design for me! I just wanted to thank her for all she's done. (from weblog post)

Anisa at Access-Anisa

The amazing Ginger at Baby Jane Blog Design has taken the time to give me a beautiful new design for my boring blog. I think my original request was something along these lines:

could you use this picture and maybe put flowers and/or hearts on the page? something girly and cheerful.

she took that and turned it into the design you're looking at now. I can't tell you how much I love it and how great it was to work with her. she is professional and friendly, she is so easy to work with and has great ideas. it took less than three days from my first email until the design was completed and installed. and on top of all of that, her prices are incredibly reasonable. if you're thinking of changing your blog, I definitely recommend her services.

Michelle at So Far, So Good

Not only did Ginger design exactly what I wanted, she did it in a matter of
days. All I had to do was give her a general idea of what I wanted and within a
day she emailed me with options. She's creative, she's VERY affordable, and
she's fabulous! What more could you ask for?!
Lindsay at Dancing Barefoot


I'd like to thank you for the work you put into the redesign of my web site. You took my inklings of an idea and made it into a reality. You seemed to intuitively understand what I was looking for. I can't believe you made it all happen in one day.

If anyone else out there is looking for a talented person to perform a makeover on their site, I would highly recommend you to them.
Brian at Audience of One

Fantastic work!!! I am more than thrilled with my design and NEVER could
have come up with such a creative design on my own. Quick to put it
together too! Great job, Thanks!!!!!!
Amy at Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mom

I couldn't believe how much Ginger's web design fit my personality! Not only that, updating my info is a snap. I have a very hectic job and no time to maintain my blog EXCEPT to post. Now all I have to do is send new information to Ginger via email. Her turn-around time is excellent, and she's so affordable.
Polly at My Reality

I love my new look! Ginger is so creative and punctual, she had my blog finished before I knew it! Trendy...affordable...Ginger. :)
Chris at Sweet Tooth